An online pop up shop, live during summer only, bringing you limited edition, exclusive two-piece sets. In addition to this, all of our sets are designed and created in collaboration with the hottest influencers in the game, be it bloggers, musicians or creatives.
Last year during our launch season in Summer 2014, we worked with the likes of Charlotte Martin, Gracie Francesca, and Sarah Ashcroft. When creative influencers come together with TWOOSIE, it’s a sure sell-out.

We work hard to bring you hand-made two piece sets made with love and attention, at affordable prices.

Your TWOOSIE is the outfit you go to when nothing else in your wardrobe matches. We do the matching for you. We hope you enjoy our website, and enjoy the designs that will be coming your way this summer.

Here’s a message from our founder, Student and Blogger, Shope Delano:

“Hello everyone! Thanks so much for coming over to TWOOSIE.co.uk, and making it onto the ‘About’ page. TWOOSIE was an idea that I had back in 2014, and wanted to bring to life. It’s a one-man show at the moment, from the running of the site, to the actual construction of the garments. It is a huge learning process, but I am improving slowly but surely. Our site, and visuals are a step up from last year, and that will continue to be our aim - to grow, to improve our products, and to improve our relationship with you guys, our customers. I am hugely in debt to all that have helped, and will consequently help, with advice, support, ideas and resources.

I want your TWOOSIE experience to be an amazing one, from the garments itself, to the customer service. If you have any disputes or queries, please do not hesitate to contact info@twoosie.co.uk, and someone will get back to you within 48 hours. For business enquiries, ONLY, contact shope@twoosie.co.uk"

Happy Shopping!